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Starting a Business? We can help!

Owning your own business is practically the American dream. Many people dream of having the freedom of “being their own boss”, but not many realize how difficult the journey can be. 

Many times, prospective clients do not realize the benefits of having an attorney help them with forming their own business. Having an attorney assist you along the way can prevent future headaches from coming to fruition. 

For example, King & Huffines: Attorneys at Law PLLC can help clients every step along the way, including drafting a business plan, corporate formation, corporate structure, roles and responsibilities within the corporation, and corporate maintenance once you are up and running! 

Additionally, we assist clients daily with contract review, employment regulations, administrative law, and even unemployment compensation, all of which arise out of the normal operations of a business. 

If you plan on starting a business and/or have a business in need of legal assistance, contact us at King & Huffines: Attorneys at Law PLLC at 724-242-0230.